Sausage bite with jalapeno jam

Garlicky baked shrimp skewer

Smoked salmon and cream cheese cucumber bite

Spicy shrimp and sausage skewer

Swedish meatball skewer

Mini chicken and waffle slider

Bacon wrapped chicken skewer

Spaghetti and meatball cup

Crunchy baked parmesan chicken skewer

Mexican style shrimp cocktail

Lucille's meatball

Dijon and ham roll up

Mini hummus and roasted pepper phyllo cup

Cumin roasted shrimp with sauce

Mexican phyllo cup

Meatball Wellington

Caprese bite

Olive oil and cracked black pepper shrimp

Baked cheddar broccoli rice cups

Bacon wrapped stuffed jalapeno

Cucumber cup with cream cheese and grape tomatoes

Pepperoni pizza crescent roll up

Tomato basil bruschetta

Pizza rose

Lucille's Fancy pig in a blanket

Antipasto cup

Note: Minimum order of 24 pieces per appetizer required (e.g. 24 order of sausage bites)