All Entrées served with your choice of two side dishes. We have drop off only services, buffet style with servers, self-serve buffet, or plated meals. For additional sides please add additional cost.

Chicken and Turkey Options

Baked chicken (oven baked chicken breasts cooked in a variety of ways; choose one of the following)

Raspberry orange chicken
Herb roasted chicken

Casserole (Choose one of the following down home casseroles; brings back memories)

Chicken spaghetti casserole
Mac 'n' chicken casserole
Chicken Alfredo Crescent Bake- Chicken chunks with mixed vegetables, and Alfredo sauce, topped with crescent dough, and then baked to perfection

Chicken and dumplings (a down home favorite that is sure to please)

Fried chicken (buttermilk brined chicken marinated overnight, seasoned, and then fried; Yummy!)

Mild or Spicy

Mexican inspired chicken dishes (South of the border inspiration when you want to spice it up)

Chicken enchiladas- shredded chicken in flour tortillas, enchilada sauce, and cheese
Chipotle baked chicken-chicken breast baked in a home-style fire roasted salsa (Delicioso!)

Beef options

Barbecue (choose one)

Barbecue Meat Sandwiches- slow cooked ground beef served on white or whole wheat buns
Brisket-slow cooked brisket sliced thinly; served with pickles, onions, and sliced bread
Sloppy Joes- barbecued ground beef served on a bun (an old time favorite)

Casserole (choose one)

Beef Alfredo Biscuit Bake- ground beef with Alfredo sauce, topped with crescent dough, and then baked to perfection
Beef and collard greens casserole- ground beef, collard greens, and mushroom casserole; delicious
Beef stroganoff- ground beef in a white sauce; served with egg noodles

Italian inspired

Lucille's Spaghetti and meatballs-ground beef meatballs in a wonderfully delicious marinara sauce; served with garlic toast or breadsticks

Traditional lasagna- an all-time classic that is sure to please any palate

Deluxe meatloaf- Individual sized tangy meatloaf with a cranberry-chili sauce topping; yummy!

Chicken Alfredo biscuit bake- a blend of vegetables, Alfredo sauce, and chicken topped with flaky biscuits, and Parmesan cheese; leave out the chicken to make it a vegetarian dish, it's still good!

Mexican Inspired (choose one)

Enchilada casserole- enchiladas served in the form of a casserole
Lucille's award winning chili- tied for first in a chili cook-off; let us know what you think!
Served with corn chips or cornbread

Pork options

Sausage wraps- delicious sausage links; slow cooked, and served in a flour tortilla, or sliced and served on French bread

Slow-cooker Pulled Pork- pork roast seasoned with a blend of spices, marinated overnight, and then cooked for several hours until tender; may be served as is along with some cabbage, and sweet potatoes; or placed on a bun and served as a sandwich. No matter how it's served, it is still good.

Smothered Pork Chops- bone-in pork chops, seasoned, pan fried, and smothered in a spicy buttermilk based gravy; soul food at its best!

Vegetarian Options- at Lucille's Catering, we understand that there are guests that want to enjoy delicious meatless options. We've got you covered.

Choose from one of our popular vegetarian options:

Quinoa, mushroom, and collard green casserole- a tasty blend of quinoa, portabella mushrooms, and collard greens; a healthy option full of protein and goodness
Black bean veggie balls with marinara or mushroom gravy- tasty black bean "meatballs" slow cooked in marinara sauce or mushroom gravy; served over noodles or rice
Forgotten Rice-choice of spinach or collard greens, vegetable medley, rice and mushroom soup slowly cooked in the oven; topped with French fried onions for a pleasant crunch; great with a salad, and sweet potato cornbread
Meatless spaghetti and marinara sauce- a medley of vegetables cooked in a delicious marinara sauce; served with garlic toast
Meatless lasagna-all the flavor that you come to expect from lasagna; sans the meat of course.
Veggie Alfredo Biscuit Bake-Alfredo sauce with mixed vegetables, topped with crescent dough, and then baked.

Cold Side Selections

Broccoli coleslaw
Fruit Salad (made with seasonal fruits)
Green Beans and Black-eyed Pea Salad
Macaroni Salad
Soul-Mex Salad (served with corn chips)
Southern Style Potato Salad
Spring Mix Salad with carrots, cucumbers and tomatoes-served a white balsamic vinaigrette
Spring mix and mandarin orange salad
Spring mix and strawberry salad
Asparagus with roasted tomatoes

Hot Side Selections

Chicken tortilla soup
Home-style chicken soup
Enchilada soup
Potato soup
Bacon wrapped asparagus
Black beans
Black-eyed peas
Broccoli casserole
Cilantro rice
Corn casserole
Cornbread dressing
Creamed corn
Dirty rice
Garlic roasted potatoes
Green beans and red bell peppers
Home-style mashed potatoes
Hush puppies
Mac 'n Cheese
Red beans and rice
Smoky Baked Beans
Spicy corn on the cob
Ultimate collard greens
Scalloped potatoes
Spicy green beans

Note: Ingredients and pricing are subject to change based on current market pricing and seasonal ingredients. Contact us at 512-362-8985 for a quote. 20-guest minimum on all orders. Above prices do not include sales tax, or labor, delivery, set up, and clean up charges.