Cold Selections

Deviled eggs (Classic deviled eggs with a Lucille twist)

Dips (All dips served with White Corn tortilla chips, Crackers, or Baguette slices)

Seven-Layer Bean dip (Classic layered dip)
Eight-Layer Bean dip (Classic layered dip with ground beef or pork sausage added)
Jalapeno Ranch dip (A delectable concoction of Ranch dressing, cilantro and jalapenos)
Lucille's Ultimate Collard greens dip (Seafood and collard greens: a combination that is sure to titillate your palate)
Vegetarian dip (Lucille's Ultimate collard greens dip without the seafood; it's just as good!)

Caprese Bites with (Skewered tomatoes, pepperoni, and mozzarella drizzled with lime basil vinaigrette)

Cucumber Cups (Cucumber cups filled with cream cheese, herbs, and a grape tomato half)

Shrimp (jumbo shrimp roasted, and served cold or at room temperature; choose one of the following)

Cumin roasted shrimp with Chili Verde sauce
Mexican Style Shrimp cocktail
Lemon-garlic marinated shrimp

Smoked Salmon (Add one of the following smoked salmon appetizers, you won't regret it)

Smoked Salmon on Pumpernickel
Smoked Salmon and cream cheese cucumber bites

Hot Selections

Bacon-wrapped shrimp (jumbo shrimp marinated in spices, wrapped with bacon, and then oven roasted; deliciously delightful)

Chicken bites (cubes of marinated chicken breasts, either wrapped in bacon, covered with Parmesan cheese, or smothered in jalapeno ranch dip and then cooked to perfection; choose one)

Parmesan crusted
Peach cobbler chipotle

Chili con Queso (Served with White corn tortilla chips)

Sausage and ground beef queso
Meatless queso

Dips (All dips served with White corn tortilla chips, crackers, or baguette slices)

Hot collard greens and artichoke dip (a spin on the classic spinach and artichoke dip; can add shrimp and crab)
Italian sausage and bean dip (served with crackers or baguettes slices)

Jalapeno poppers

Sweet and spicy jalapeno poppers (cheese stuffed jalapenos wrapped in bacon)
The ultimate jalapeno poppers (Sausage and cheese stuffed jalapenos wrapped in bacon)

Lucille's Fancy Pigs, Fancy Cows, or Fancy Ronis (an upscale version of the classic pig in a blanket) served with Fig-Raspberry Chipotle dipping sauce

Meatballs (Hand rolled meatballs- regular or with spinach, baked, and then placed in marinara, chili-cranberry sauce, or mushroom gravy)

Chili-cranberry meatballs
Meatballs in mushroom gravy

Party Wings- baked (Lucille's crispy oven baked wings; you choose the wing sauce)

Peach cobbler chipotle

Sausage rounds (Slices of sausage skewered on toothpicks, and then drizzled with one of the following sauces)

Strawberry jalapeno jam
Apricot preserves
Peach chutney

Sliders (miniature burgers seasoned the way you like them)

Smoky Mesquite Meatball
Pork and pineapple sliders
Shredded chicken sliders

Spicy shrimp and sausage skewers with Sricha sauce (mini shrimp and sausage skewers served with a creamy sricha sauce)

Note: Ingredients and pricing are subject to change based on current market pricing and seasonal ingredients. Contact us at 512-362-8985 for a quote. 20-guest minimum on all orders. Above prices do not include sales tax, or labor, delivery, set up, and clean up charges.