About Us

Mertis Sells Executive Chef

Lucille's Catering began in the mind of Mertis Sells over 40 years ago, when she discovered her love for cooking. During high school, and college she worked at several food establishments. However, her aspirations led her eventually to a career in the medical profession. Her passion for cooking never subsided. When she was not working or studying, she spent time collecting recipes, and cooking for family gatherings, church events, and work functions.

During that time, she perfected her culinary skills, her ability to plan menus, cook for parties of 25-100, and design theme-inspired parties. Eventually family, friends, and coworkers encouraged her to pursue a career as a caterer.

​The idea began to percolate more when she entered the MBA program at University of Phoenix (UOPX). Each class increased her business knowledge. The final decision to start catering, however, came in marketing when the professor discussed branding. The name Lucille's originated in that class. Lucille is the owner's middle name passed down from her great grandmother, and because she loves southern cooking, the name becomes synonymous with mint juleps, and fried chicken.

Ricky Sells Business Manager

Ricky Sells, brings a wealth of managerial experience to the team. He worked in the public sector for 25 years managing staff, and working with million dollar accounts. His technical expertise serves him well as the Business Manager of Lucille's Catering.

​From the first moment that you contact us to the last moment when your event has ended, he will ensure that your needs are met, and that you receive the best customer service possible.

Mertis and Ricky Sells